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Welding Gloves – Top Quality and Maximum Protection

Arcosafe welding gloves are meticulously designed to protect the hands from heat and flames. Each model is tested in different work scenarios: during welding, cutting or grinding - to ensure that it meets Arcoweld quality standards.
Our welding gloves are made from top-quality materials including premium cowhide leather, kevlar stitching, and wool felt lining providing the highest level of comfort during long work hours.

Why are they so important?

As per ANSI Standard Z49.1 - all cutters and welders have to wear protective gloves as there are many potential work hazards related to those occupations.
Welding gloves should protect from high temperatures and flames, electric shock, and contact with sharp objects and chemicals, but also should protect protection from accidental contacts contact with heavy or falling objects.

Choosing the right gloves

There are three different types of gloves used for welding and the application determines their durability and the materials they are made of.

Arc welding gloves

Typically made from heavy-duty leather and are designed to withstand the high heat and intense light produced during arc welding. These gloves often feature reinforced palms and fingers for added durability, as well as additional padding around the wrist and forearm to protect against burns and abrasions.They provide the best protection, however, they might restrict your finger movement.

Gloves for MIG Welding

MIG welding gloves are designed to provide greater dexterity and flexibility, making them ideal for intricate welding tasks that require precision and control. They are typically made from thinner, more flexible materials such as cowhide or goatskin, and often feature padded palms for added protection against heat and impact.

Gloves for TIG welding

TIG gloves are also designed for precision and dexterity, but they offer greater sensitivity than MIG gloves. They are lighter and thinner to maximise finger movement. These gloves are typically made from thinner materials such as goatskin or deerskin, and often feature reinforced fingertips for added durability and protection against sparks and heat.


Welding gloves are exposed to extreme heat and harsh working conditions, so they should be frequently inspected and replaced with brand new ones as soon as they have any structural damage. Regardless of the quality, their longevity is heavily dependable on your welding style. All products we offer were designed and tested in very harsh conditions, but even the high end ones won't last long when exposed to open fire or touched by an abrasive disc of an angle grinder, so generally it will be up to the end user, how long will they last.

Of course all our gloves are compliant with all standards and are properly reinforced to maximise their longevity - most of our gloves have reinforced index finger area, some of them are additionally reinforced with kevlar and are water and oil repellent.

If you are not sure which welding gloves would be suitable for your welding style or work environment, please contact our friendly team. We also stock a wide range of other protective apparel such as welding jackets, boots and helmets.


Welding Superstore prices are very competitive, and we offer FREE SHIPPING for PERTH ORDERS over $300 AUD.