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93 Mulgul Road, MALAGA, WA, 6090, AUSTRALIA

Mig Machines are modern mig welders, very compact inverter welders with clear easy-to-follow LCD screen display, AC/DC, High-Frequency Tig, Synergic Mig and MMA functionality all in one machine. They offer simple step-by-step digital LCD control of parameters providing easy-to-use professional control. They are manufactured using the latest IGBT technology with energy-saving power-factor correction standard, with the easy-to-use LCD menu including a Synergic Mig option; allowing the operator to simply select plate thickness and weld. Machines come with pre-gas, slope-up, peak and base current settings along with AC/DC pulse width, frequency, wave balance, down-slope and post-gas flow, giving the operator complete arc control. 2T or 4T trigger function setting allows easy control of the welding process from start to finish.