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93 Mulgul Road, MALAGA, WA, 6090, AUSTRALIA

Dependable and Durable Mig/Mag Welding Torches at affordable prices.

The Welding Superstore has a great range of Torches available manufactured with the following points in mind -


Welding Torches also known as Mig Guns are an integral piece of equipment for the Welding Industry. Flux-cored Welding, Gas Metal Arc Welding and Gasless Welding processes can subject torches to extreme temperatures in the most demanding work environments. Therefore, only high quality and durable Torch will provide consistent and quality welds … time after time.!


Manufacturing Torches that have excellent duty cycles means that our welders can weld for longer periods, without the need for constant breaks. This is where ergonomics also plays a vital role. The Torch must be comfortable to use, and well balanced, both of which help to reduce operator fatigue on those long runs,  which in turn increases all-important productivity. Our Torches are designed to provide trouble-free service allowing you to get the job done, without needing to worry about the equipment.

The Welding Superstore has a large range of welding torches in various styles and formats and at varying lengths.

Some of the range includes –

  • Tweco Style Torches- Standard and Pro
  • Binzel Style Torches- Standard and Pro
  • Bernard Style Torches- Standard and Pro
  • Lincoln Style Torches – Magnum Version and Gasless Versions such as K115 and K126
  • Esab Style Torches
  • Spool Guns
  • Up/Down remote voltage torches

Connection Types

Various back end connection types are available including –

  • Euro
  • Tweco Bayonets
  •  Miller Bayonets
  • Lincoln Bayonets


Various lengths are available –

  • 3.0 metre
  • 3.6 metre
  • 4.m metre
  • 8 metre


Whilst the Torch needs to be of the highest quality,  it is most certainly the case that the consumables to run the Torches also need to be made of the highest quality materials in order to provide the longest possible service life. This increased consumable life is absolutely vital if wishing to reduce consumable costs, as well as increase your monetary returns through fewer stoppages.

A full range of carefully manufactured items is available including –

  • Contact Tips- Standard, Tapered and Heavy Duty
  • Nozzles- Standard and Heavy Duty
  • Diffusers/Tip Holders
  • Liners- Steel and Teflon
  • Insulators – Standard and Heavy Duty
  • Goosenecks

Welding Superstore prices are very competitive, and we offer FREE SHIPPING for PERTH ORDERS over $300 AUD.